garden #3

20170711_191939We had our third group garden install this past Tuesday at Anne’s new garden, which is at the house her son just moved into.

The existing space was full of weeds, day lilies, and the odd onion and dogwood shrub. Here’s the “before” picture:


Thanks to donations from Julia, Kim, and Leanna, we had a bunch of cool plants to replace them with, including monarda, liatris, rattlesnake master, whorled milkweed, harebell, gray-headed coneflower, aromatic aster, little bluestem, and phlox.

Kim M. happens to live next door so we got to see her mature perennial garden.


In process:

Finishing touches:


After we mulched, Anne cut back the phlox and made a bouquet:


Hopefully it is the first of many!





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