garden #8


This weekend we planted a garden in the boulevard at Jeanell and Ben’s place.

About eight neighbors planted white asters (possibly Symphyotrichum lanceolatum), monarda, culver’s root, ironweed, stiff goldenrod, smooth ox eye, obedient plant, sedum, and yarrow, all donated by generous neighbors Cynthia, Nancy, and Kari (thanks, neighbors!).

Most of the plants are at the end of their life cycle and look pretty terrible, but they should come back strong next year. One question that came up was about whether goldenrod is bad for allergy sufferers. According to the U of M, this is a common misconception and it is actually ragweed that is the main culprit in fall hay fever. Here‘s an article about it.


Here’s the mulched garden before we cut some of the tall plants to encourage them to establish their roots. You can almost imagine how it will look next year–beautiful!