garden #11

On October 15 we had our last garden installation of the season at April and Simon’s.


Simon had already prepared the site, and April had plants ready to go, so it was mostly a matter of popping them in and eating banana muffins.


April and Simon’s yard is somewhat shady, so we used a lot of shade-loving and shade tolerant plants including cardinal flower, meadow rue, columbine, harebell, bishop’s cap, big-leaved aster, penstemon, and alum root.




garden #10

On September 30 we had our tenth gardening day at Peggy’s.

Peggy had already started a large garden on the side of her house, so we filled in with plants including anise hyssop, echinacea, obedient plant, golden alexanders, penstemon, black-eyed susans, and sedge.


Garden #9


We had our ninth group gardening day September 23rd at Sandy’s house.