Garden #21

On October 8 we had our last and biggest installation of the year at Shoni’s house, with ten people in attendance, including three cool kids, and hot chocolate. Woohoo! Good job, everyone! See you next year!



Garden #20.5

My friend Elaine, who wrote a lovely profile of CPP in the Southside Pride, lives in the Longfellow neighborhood and has been working on her own pollinator garden.

I stopped by with some extra plants after Amy’s installation. Elaine has a shady garden with a lot of Virginia waterleaf. She donated a bunch for our next installations. She also has a whole bunch of asters thriving in her lawn, which surprised me because most asters are pretty tall when left alone. Perhaps more people should consider asters as another pollinator-friendly turf alternative.

Garden #18

Mark’s house, which is next door to Nykol’s house (where we planted a couple weeks prior). Continuous pollinator gardens! We planted over a spot where a tree had been removed, which meant extra soil to find a home for. Mark’s neighbor stopped by with Joe Pye plants to add.