What we’ve been up to so far

The Corcoran Pollinator Project is a new grassroots neighborhood initiative that aims to increase urban pollinator habitat via a crop mob model in which neighbors help each other install new pollinator gardens with plants donated by other neighbors. We are a project of Corcoran GROWS, our neighborhood Transition Town organization. This year we have installed two boulevard gardens with 15 different species of perennial pollinator plants donated from four different neighbors, with more installations planned.

We began the season on May 23 with a free talk about backyard pollinator habitat by University of Minnesota entomologist and Bee Squad educator Jessica Miller.



Our first garden installation was June 10!


(Cynthia donated a ton of plants, including Joe Pye weed, from her glorious garden.)



Our second installation was June 19.


Afterwards we met some actual pollinators when Kim introduced us to her honeybees, who are based nearby:

kim and bees


Up next: more gardens, plus a garden coverage mapping project. Stay tuned!


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