Summer update

A few pictures from our activities this summer

A 2018 CPP garden surviving the drought.

Our Lawns to Legumes-funded sod cutter has been assembled and it works! If you live in south Minneapolis, you can use it for free for the asking at the Corcoran Neighborhood Organization’s pollinator tool library. This makes it super quick and easy to remove grass in neat pieces so that you can get your next pollinator garden started. You hold it like a plow and kick the horizontal red bar to get the blade to slice through the grass roots. I recommend simply putting the removed sod in yard waste bags to be composted by the city, or you could put it inconspicuously in a pile in a corner of your yard as bee nesting habitat.

Something nice that’s been happening in the neighborhood is that a lot of people have been expanding their pollinator gardens to take up more and more of their yards, including people who have received CPP gardens in years past who are ready to expand. Back in June before the drought and Delta, several of us got together to add plants to existing gardens and admire how the plants have matured.

Here are a few CPP boulevard gardens looking extra lovely.

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