CPP summer 2020 update


CPP is composed of friends and neighbors who care about the world and want to contribute to the flourishing of life in our corner of south Minneapolis. We had been ramping up for a huge gardening season this year, but of course we’ve found our priorities shifting and our capacity to think about gardening limited in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, which occurred just a mile from Corcoran neighborhood. We have been plugging into many different community efforts and thinking and talking about how this group can contribute to environmental justice in the short and long term.

This year we are partnering with Metro Blooms and Corcoran Neighborhood Organization to offer pollinator garden installation help and plants in Phillips neighborhood in addition to Corcoran. We’ll be creating a pollinator tool library at the CNO community garden so that anyone can install their own garden, and will be offering free workshops with professional designers to everyone in the neighborhood. Folks who live in Phillips or Corcoran can sign up here. This expanded set of offerings is enabled by the Lawns to Legumes neighborhood demonstration grant which we received this year in parnership with Metro Blooms and CNO.

In the meantime, the thousands of plants that we planted this winter continue to grow.


We are growing lots of exciting prairie and woodland species, including quite a few plants that are listed as threatened or of special concern in Minnesota, including rattlesnake master, wild petunia, muskingum sedge, Illinois bundlefloweryellow pimpernel, and wild quinine.


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