gardens #26 and 27


On Thursday we went over to Randy’s house to plant a garden in his boulevard, but we had so many plants and people that we were able to also plant one at Sue and Judy’s house next door (with their permission!).

Randy, Sue, and Judy live right across the street from two yards where we planted gardens last year, just up the street from another, and just down the street from our friend Kathy who’s donated dozens of plants from her amazing native garden. That makes a total of 5 new CPP-installed gardens plus one CPP donor garden all on the same block so far!

It was so fun to see some of the neighbors we gardened with last year and to check up on their gardens. The plants we planted last year will probably take another year to really fill out, but they have mostly survived and are looking pretty good! Can’t wait to see this block in a few years!


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