First install of 2019! gardens #22 and 23


Yesterday evening we planted side-by-side gardens in the boulevards of next door neighbors Ethan and James. We had a great turnout of 10 people, plenty of plants donated by Sara B. and Hannah R. as well as the UMN Bee Lab, great snacks and drinks prepared by our hosts, and a beautiful evening.

These gardens got a mix of 18 species of native perennials, including spiderwort, boneset, coreopsis, blanket flower, culver’s root, echinacea, yarrow, side oats grama, butterfly weed, swamp milkweed, june grass, sky blue aster, new england aster, sneezeweed, grass-leaved goldenrod, heart-leaved alexanders, and figwort. We have a good stock of plants right now and are going to try to install a bunch more gardens this June before the weather gets too hot!


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